Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mullein MANIA!

Have you ever been in a place that was so unique, so spiritually uplifting, that you just wanted to bring everyone you knew to experience it with you?

I had a real "Scotty, beam me up" moment this morning, as I stood silently contemplating where to start harvesting 15 acres of mullein. I just wanted to instantly transport all my herby friends to that spot!

I had permission to enter: the owner, an 80-year old codger with a sense of humor, gleefully told me to "just go out there and get all you want, anytime. It's only a penny a flower...." He's still chuckling over that one.

I also had my shoulder totebag with a bottle of water, some light-weight plastic containers, my hat and long-sleeved shirt. I was ready.

But still standing there, in awe. All the farmers around are in awe. No one has seen this phenomonon before and there are many different opinions of how it came to be. Since there wasn't one plant visible last year.

Now, one may not think a field of oats overgrown with a MULITITUDE of mullein is an epiphany-creator. But if you've been struggling to gather mullein in half-cup increments from the few generous plants around your home, you definately are in awe of the vision created in this field.

As I stepped into the field, I silently offered heart-felt gratitude and appeciation for an answer to an unspoken prayer. I knew in my core that I needed more mullein - and was resigned to just getting to my few plants daily and doing the best I could with what I got. As I put that desire out to the universe and let go of it, it was obviously heard. A few days ago I drove by this field, as I do at least once a week, and for the first time actually SAW it for what it was.

In the eye of the beholder. The spirit of these plants is filled with healing, just waiting to be used as intended.

Along with the amazing amount of flowers, there were many first-year plants, so I soon had my tote filled with fuzzy, soft, comforting leaves to be dried. Just handling these leaves makes you soften inside, become more spiritually receptive to the natural world around you, more appreciative and giving.

I shared this particular plant with a tiny bee-like critter, several rambunctious ants and a shy spider. We were in harmony; not disturbing each other, respectful of our individual needs from this generous, beautiful plant.

The harvesting was pure joy. Listening to the Chipping sparrows, already gleaning the tiny seeds of older plants, and to the wind murmuring through the oats, was soothing. In the middle of the expanse of mullein I never felt alone.
I brought home, in less than two hours of easy work, the bag of leaves and over two quarts of flowers. Hey! They're little.The leaves filled two dehydrators. Three trays of flowers are now drying, and as soon as I finish this I'll be putting some of the flowers into tincture.
This morning's adventure was truly a gift.
A generous gift from the mullein, and a caring gift from the Spirit.
I am grateful.


  1. Beautiful!
    Have you ever seen or heard of an Herb Harvesting Calendar?
    It would be wonderful to know what to look for when...