Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fairy Bandaids

What's a "fairy bandaid"? , you ask.

Here's a quick "show-and-tell":

The plantain harvesters ran into a few obstacles. Mosquitos bite. Stinging nettles earn their name.


Chew a bit of leaf... then put the wad on the bite. Or sting, as the case may be.

That little chewed-up wad of plantain leaf is called a "fairy bandaid".
It's almost worth letting a skeeter bite you, just to see how fast and efficiently this plant does it's job!

Your new mission: Teach every child (of every age) how to recognize plantain, and how to make a "fairy bandaid" for stings, bug bites, and other small owies!
Not sure just what plantain looks like? Or where to find it? Check in tomorrow, for more plantain!

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