Monday, July 13, 2009

Hand in hand

Living close to our natural world is important to me. Indeed, one could say, it keeps me sane.

Yep. It keeps me sane. That's a relative statement, by the way.

I'm very very blessed to live in two distinct habitats: the Northwest, Oregon coast specifically, where I was born and raised, lived most of my married life, and happily get to visit now and again; and Wisconsin, where I am a recent immigrant and very happy farm dweller now.

The two areas have similar latitude - very different climate. So the variety of plant friends in my folder has expanded considerably. I have been able to continue my interest, hobby, avocation, whatever you want to call it, of learning about and using the wild herbs and plants I live with. In the process I am gleaning so many blessings along the way.

This blog is my forum to share my love of herbs, to hopefully educate you, and possibly even to help you learn to use the wild ones for your own health and joy!

Our Heavenly Father has blessed us with a green world for some very specific reasons - and we need to learn what He had in mind. I will be posting frequently on specific plants, what I do with them, and how they bless my life.

In between some of the posts I'm sure the grandpunks will show up from time to time - they are my best "finders" and "seekers" when looking for our plant friends on the farm and in the woods

So let's go exploring and do some foraging...join me on this grand adventure of health, happiness, and pure joy!

PS The flower in the header photo is a wild Spirea. I know someone is going to ask....


  1. It looks like snow on a fir tree.

  2. The trees are, from your left, Box Elder and an ancient Blue Spruce. The fluffy stuff in front is asparagus. Also ancient, from the original farm plot.

  3. Well, it's 1am and it's my birthday! I stayed up canning tuna (& it is finally DONE). I decided to check my email and saw your new blog address. I am glad I took a minute to peek. What a wonderful idea...I will look forward to each new post :-).