Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This is Mullein. Isn't she beautiful?!! And tall - topping out at 6-8 feet, she could be a model, doncha know!!
I've been so happy to find many of the wild ones I knew in Washington and Oregon thriving here on the farm. Like greeting old friends!

This is Mother Wort. More on her later...

All the wild sisters are so willing and ready to help us live in health and joy. We just need to learn about them, which isn't difficult - just stick to the basics, start with only one or two. It's best if they are near you, that you "live" with them. Of course, if you are a city dweller, you'll have to forage a bit more afield - and be even more diligent about avoiding sprayed plants.

Rather than write a book here, if your interest is piqued, I'm encouraging you to go to the website below and sign in for their free email newsletter. Melissa and Jason have put together information and photos of five "basic" plants in a very readable, not-too-long format, along with uses and recipes. You may recognize some of them, I've been posting at Wisconsin Snapshots on a few recipes I've played with.

We are going to keep our green adventures close to home, with plants that most of us will find in our yard and garden. Since I don't want you to be overwhelmed with information, each plant we explore will be covered in a number of different posts.
Starting with plantain, we'll learn how to recognize, harvest, and use each plant. Some of these wild ones are used for food, some medicinally, and frequently one will be a "super herb" and take on several jobs.
I hope you will enjoy visiting EarthHeart, there is lots more to come!

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