Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why forage?

Here's a list of reasons, in no particular order, to head out with our scissors and gathering basket:

*free food

*connect with nature seasonally


*local consumer

*natural, chemical free

*it's in our blood

*connect with friends - develop new relationships

*self-sufficient, satisfying

*the plants are nutrient-dense


*saves water

*reduce use of fossil fuel

*reduce invasive plants

*retain native species


*utilitarian uses (clothing, tools, shelter)

*encourage organic farmers (harvest their "weeds" for them)

Each is a point to ponder. Rather than spell them out, I'd like you to take a few minutes to let them percolate through your mind - and share your thoughts with us if you want.

I'm betting there are more reasons out there. My number one?


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